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Welcome to HAAT Club. No this is not a hat club with a typo, this is Help An Animal Today Club, and thats exactly what we do. Keep reading to learn more.

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Are you a animal lover? This is a good website for you, especially if you are against animal creulty. The above have all the info you need to help fight against aniaml cruelty, and more! Please help out and join us.

Also more has been added to the site. Not only now is it for animal cruelty, its for helping endangered species too!

In case you didn't Know

Animal creulty is exactly what it sounds, being cruel to animals. And you see, it severely need to be stopped; now. So if everyone pulls together, animal creulty will end. Leaving all animals with a good home. But, unfortunatly, it wont be that easy. Every day, animals all over the world are beaten, mistreated, abandoned, and even killed. In most states, this is illeagal and if people are caught, the go to jail. But in some states it's not. (Have you ever seen Animal Cops on Animal Planet? You should watch that to really see what I'm talking about.)Thats where we come in. We have to be extra helpful in those states. Hopefull, animal cruelty will end, and hopefully soon.

Adopt a shelter pet, save a life.

What I think about animal cruelty--- Contact Me